about succubus studios


Succubus Studios produces high quality custom costumes, props and so much more, primarily for the TV and Film industry in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Established 1996 in East Van by Head Cutter Samantha MacKinnon, Succubus Studios has become known for their fit, reliability, problem solving and a lovely cup of tea if you are well behaved.

Samantha has been a pattern drafter, cutter, special effects costumer, coordinator, leather worker, stitcher and sometimes therapist both in her studio and in the production shops as a member of the I.A.T.S.E. 891 costume department for 21 years. Bringing passion, creativity and a bold vision to her work, Samantha produces pieces that accommodate the possible people, needs, issues and changes that it may go through after leaving her hands. Samantha approaches her projects always hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. 

With her First Hand Chako Stryck, and the rest of her team, Succubus Studio provides a unique service in a unique industry.

Samantha Mackinnon

Samantha Mackinnon



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